Redwood Class of 1999

20-Year Reunion!



Let’s make this an event to remember and remind everyone what the class of ’99 is all about!

RHS All Alumni Bar Crawl

We all have friends that graduated either before or after 1999. What better way to connect with old friends (that won’t be at the reunion) than with a night out! This is an open invitation to anyone who attended RHS. Guess we can invite those Pioneers and Trailblazers, too. We need to provide an accurate headcount to our local watering holes so be sure to RSVP by clicking on the Facebook icon below.

If you’re interested in helping plan the bar crawl or reception, please send us an email by clicking the “Contact Us” button below.

Friday, September 27, 5:30 pm
Downtown Visalia, CA

Reunion Dinner

Our reunion dinner and reception is at the Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center. If you do not have the link for discounted rooms and/or if you have special dietary needs, please send us an email by clicking the “Contact Us” button below. Follow the latest updates by clicking on the Facebook icon below.

Saturday, September 28th, 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Visalia Marriott at The Convention Center
300 South Court Street, Visalia, CA 93291

Sponsors & Contributors

All of our valued sponsors and contributors will be featured here on our website and mentioned throughout our weekend!

Visalia Marriott

Gabriel R. Correa

Your Digital Angel

Hampton Scott Group

Interested in becoming a sponsor or contributor?

Send us an email by clicking the “Contact Us“ button below and we would love to connect with you!



How would you describe one of your fave high school memories in one Tweet? Share it with us and we’ll post it here! No questionable content will be posted.


I wouldn’t change anything. I’d do it all over again.

Monique Hernandez-Tyler


May ’97

The Girls

Alright, alright, look, I don’t have grace, I don’t want grace, I don’t even say grace, okay?

January ’98

No Grace

You know what would make a great coffee table book? A coffee table book about coffee tables… That turns into a coffee table.

December ’98

Coffee Tables

I say more dumb tings before 9 a.m. than most people say all day.

July ’95

Dumb Things

Kate Moss, eat your heart out… Oh yeah that’s right, you don’t eat.

June ’95

I’m not a witch!